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Gladioli bulbs

Hi Year 2!

We hope you have been trying hard to beat your boredom by keeping busy with your activity pack at home.

Please remember how important it is to stay inside away from others that don’t live in your house and keep washing your hands!

We wanted to share with you the bulbs that we were growing together at school. As you can see the bulb that was grown in the dark cupboard with water and the naked bulb (the bulb we stripped of its husk!) with water, are growing the tallest!

We hope if you took your bulb home you are taking good care of it.

Don’t forget if you have a ruler or tape measure at home, you can record the height of your plant each week and see how much it has grown.

If you didn’t take yours home, don’t worry we are taking good care of them and they can be seen in the pictures here.

You can check back on this page for updates on their growth.

Keep up the good work Year 2, and stay safe


Mrs Patterson and Mrs Quelch.

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    IMG_3366 (1)
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    IMG_3365 (1)(1)
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