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Germander Park School Membership of Committees Autumn 2021

Joint Committee
Paul Nolan Chair - All Committees & FGB
David Argent Vice Chair - All Committees & FGB
Kate Mathews Head Teacher - All Committees & FGB
  Staff Governor - All Committees & FGB
David Argent Co-opted - Chair Standards Committee-All Committees, FGB & Vice Chair
Janet Maclean Chair Resources Committee-All Committees & FGB
Ibrahim Pokawa

Co-opted - All Committees & FGB

David Argent Partnership Governor - All Committees & FGB
Nicky Lake Associate Member - All Committees (voting) & FBB


To be made up of 3 eligible governors

A collaboration arrangement is in place with Southwood and New Bradwell School

Specialist Governor Roles
Teaching and Learning Governor David Argent
Pupil Premium Governor Sakina Hamid
Health & Safety Governor Kofi Darko
Safeguarding Governor Janet Maclean

Headteachers Performance Management 

& Pay Committee

Janet Maclean & Paul Nolan


Finance Governor Janet Maclean

Mental Health and Wellbeing Governor

Ibrahim Pokawa & Chris Sayles
Curriculum Governor David Argent
Development Governor Janet Maclean
EYFS Governor Miroslawa Piorkowska & David Argent
Covid-19 Catch Up Governor Sakina Hamid
Resources Chair Janet Maclean