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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Offer

If children need to be absent from school, a commitment to provide Remote Learning is now in place, using our chosen Learning Platform: Purple Mash for Key Stage 1 & Tapestry for Foundation.  Remote Learning will be provided for children who are out of school through no fault of their own, for example a national or local Lockdown, if the school is closed for emergency reasons or if the child is off school due to health reasons where they are able to work.

If children are off school individually, work will be prepared and provided at least weekly and will be emailed individually each week and is also available on our website. A request for paper copies or a loan of a school device can be made if children are having difficulty accessing these.

If the children are off school as a whole class, year group or school, the following offer applies:

        Teachers are responsible for:

  • Setting work:
  • Teachers set daily lessons for children in their year group. For Early Years children activities will be set on Tapestry and Purple Mash. For KS1 children, lessons will be set on Purple Mash and via the guidance sent home.  The lessons should comprise of one daily Phonics or Reading, one writing, one maths and one Topic lesson. For children with EHC plans whose parents have decided to keep them at home, the school will provide a weekly box of learning activities related to the child’s individual targets in their EHC plan with a weekly check via telephone call.

   Work will be uploaded onto the school website by the Monday morning each week

   Teachers will follow the year group’s Long-Term Overview when preparing and setting         work

  •  Teachers will ensure that the needs of SEND children and more able children are       considered at all times, with alternate/adapted work available when necessary
  •  Providing videos to assist with learning, engagement and wellbeing:
  •  Teachers will ensure that videos can be seen and heard clearly
  •  Providing feedback on work:
  •  Teachers will keep a formal record of children’s engagement with remote learning
  •  Teachers will give regular feedback to pupils who submit work


        Keeping in touch with pupils who are not in school and their parents:

  • Teachers will need to make regular contact with pupils.  For those who submit work regularly, the feedback given will be sufficient contact, providing children are made aware that if they have any concerns about work, or about wellbeing, they can contact the school. Telephone calls to all parents/carers will be made periodically if  Lockdowns last for a number of weeks.
  •  Teachers will only be required to respond to parents, carers and pupils’ messages in       normal school working hours.       
  •  Complaints or concerns shared by parents and pupils can be dealt with by teachers if     the nature of the concern or complaint is minor, but should be forwarded to Mrs         Mathews (or Mrs Patterson in Mrs Mathews’ absence), if the nature of the complaint or   concern is significant and requires Senior Leaders’ involvement
  •  If children fail to submit work, the following response pattern will be followed:       teachers will send a message via Class emails initially; teachers or the school office   should then telephone the child’s parents to explain the lack of engagement; if there i   Is still no engagement, the Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher will telephone the   parent/carer

        Parents and responsible for:

  •  Ensuring that the school is contacted if support with paper packs, devices or data is     needed, as this can be supported by the school if enough paper packs & laptops are   available
  •  Ensuring children are able to complete the school work provided to the deadline set     by teachers
  •  Seeking help if they need it, from teachers
  •  Alerting teachers if they are unable to complete work

       Staff can expect parents with children learning remotely to:

  •  Make the school aware if their child is sick or otherwise can’t complete work
  •  Seek help from the school if they need it
  •  Be respectful when making any concerns or complaints known to staff


Please click on your child's class page below to access their weekly remote learning.



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